Urban Social Exclusion Research



Projectleader USER
Prof. Dr. Arnoud Verhoeff

Telephone +31 (0)20 555 55610


General Coördinator G4-USER

Mw. Dr. Annelies van Loon,
Telephone +31 (0)622 080 346


Coördinator per city

• Amsterdam
Mw. Dr. Matty de Wit
Telephone +31 (0)20 - 555 5450
Dr. Matty de Wit, epidemiologist, is a Senior Researcher for the cluster Epidemiology, Documentation and Health Promotion (EDG) of the Amsterdam Public Health Service. She is widely experienced in applied research in the area of public mental healthcare.


• Den Haag
Mw. Regina van der Meer
Telephone +31 (0)70 - 353 7443
Dr. Renske Gilissen, biologist, works for the Public Health Service in The Hague as epidemiological researcher, including in the area of public mental healthcare.

• Rotterdam
Mw. Dr. Karen Klein Ikkink
Telephone +13 (0)10 - 433 9616
Dr. Karen Klein Ikkink is a sociologist working as senior researcher and research coordinator for the Care Management cluster of the Rotterdam-Rijnmond Public Health Service. She is involved with public mental healthcare research in Rotterdam, particularly in the context of the vulnerable people programme and the social support action plan.

• Utrecht
Dhr. Drs. Dick Reinking
Telephone +31 (0)30 - 286 3404 (secr)

Dick Reinking, psychologist, has been a senior policy officer for public mental healthcare in the Utrecht Public Health Service since 2001. Prior to that, he worked for the Trimbos Institute as a public mental healthcare and social care researcher. His work for the Utrecht Public Health Service involves creating and monitoring the social support action plan, the Public Health Service Vulnerable Groups Monitor and he is responsible for the Social Support, Public Mental Healthcare, and Addiction policy research agenda of the Utrecht Public Health Service.

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