Urban Social Exclusion Research


Steering Group
USER is managed by a Steering Group. The Steering Group sets the course, decides on the work plans, checks their implementation and presents new ideas to encourage the link between practice, policy and research.
The Steering Group consists of:
• the Boards of the four Public Health Services (final responsibility for content  & finances)
• Professors from the relevant Universities
• Coordinators for each city
• Project Leader
• General Coordinator
A list of all the members of the Steering Group can be found here

Project Leader and General Coordinator
The Project Leader and the General Coordinator of USER are responsible for the day-to-day management and the secretariat. Contact details for the Project Leader and the General Coordinator can be found here.

Coordinator per City
A Public Health Service coordinator supports the collaboration in each city. This Local Coordinator maintains contact between the Public Health Service and the University and ensures the University is supplied with practical and policy issues. Contact details for the Coordinators per City can be found here.

Local Focus Group
A local focus group is where practice and policy supply the University and vice versa. This group also provides input for local and national research. The local focus groups consist of representatives of the Public Health Service, University, policymakers and practitioners. The composition of the local focus groups can be found here.