Urban Social Exclusion Research


Winter Shelter Study 2010-2011
Who are the rough sleepers and who are the users of the night shelters in the four big cities? That is one of the key questions in the Winter Shelter Study.
This is the first time that comparable measurements have been carried out of the extent and characteristics of the rough sleepers and the users of the night shelters in the four big cities.
The Winter Shelter Study is the first joint project within USER, carried out at the request of the G4. The objective of the G4 is to ensure that homeless people who are entitled to permanent housing obtain permanent housing. Click here for more information.

Manpower Project
What are the living and health conditions of single men on welfare? That is the topic of the Manpower Project. The project was started in 2008 and is being conducted by the Amsterdam Public Health Service and INGeest/VU MC. The first survey has been completed and the results presented at a symposium. A second survey of the same respondents will take place during 2012 with financing from ZonMw, the Netherlands organisation for health research and development.
This project also involves training some members of the target group to help the researchers conduct the study.
Why this project? Read more.


Research into predictors of eviction due to rent arrears and profiles of households with a high risk of eviction
What are the predictors and risk factors for eviction due to rent arrears and what are effective interventions to prevent eviction? That is the key issue in the research project carried out jointly by the Utrecht Public Health Service and UMC St. Radboud in Amsterdam, Leiden, Nijmegen, Rotterdam and Utrecht. Participants are recruited from people who are subject to proceedings at the sub-district court to dissolve their tenancy agreement and have them evicted.
The starting point and benchmark for the research is the social quality model designed by Van der Maesen and Walker (2005). Read more.


Public Mental Healthcare Performance Indicators Project
How do the health systems perform? This question is important for local authorities that devise health policy. Clear performance indicators for public mental healthcare are a precondition for good management. For this reason, preparations were started in 2009 to devise a set of scientifically substantiated indicators that will help to clarify the most important domains for management through policy, and that are endorsed by practice as good benchmarks for the quality of care.
This is a project of the Amsterdam Public Health Service in collaboration with the AMC. For contact details, please click here.