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Steering group USER-G4

Barend Middelkoop

The Hague Public Health Service
Representing the Board of The Hague Public Health Service barend.middelkoop@denhaag.nl
070-3537266 (secr.)

Professor Barend Middelkoop, a Society and Health physician, Epidemiologist B, is an Endowed Professor at the Leiden University Medical Centre whose teaching and research remit is 'Public Health', particularly the health of groups in deprived situations. He is also Acting Head of the Epidemiology Department of the Public Health Service in The Hague and Coordinator of the Northern Zuid-Holland Public Health Academic Collaborative Centre. He has wide-ranging experience of researching big-city health problems, in particular the health of ethnic minorities and inhabitants of deprived neighbourhoods.

Aart Jan Beekman

VUmc and GGZinGeest
Professor A.Beekman@ggzingeest.nl
020-7884560 (secr.)

As a psychiatrist, Professor Aart Jan Beekman has extensive clinical experience with patients with a wide range of psychiatric disorders. Until recently, as Professor of Psychiatric Epidemiology, he was responsible for developing the research line for public mental health, extramural mental healthcare and psychiatric epidemiology of the VUmc Psychiatry Department. As Head of the VUmc Psychiatry Department and a member of the Board of GGZinGeest he is closely involved with policy development within mental healthcare.

Jan Theunissen

Head of Care Research Department j.theunissen@ggzingeest.nl

Dr. Jan Theunissen, psychologist, is Head of the Care Research Department of GGZinGeest/VUmc. He is widely experienced in research into long-term mental healthcare or chronic psychiatry and was closely involved with setting up and evaluating a number of innovative care projects for this group. 

Niels Mulder

Erasmus MC
Professor A.vanLeeuwen@parnassiabavogroep.nl

Professor Niels Mulder is Professor of Psychiatry at Erasmus MC, a psychiatrist and researcher. He works as a psychiatrist on an Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) team and carries out research into acute psychiatry, the application of coercion/constraint and ACT.